Lilly of the Valley
  • A tender flower with a truly beautiful name, and a fragrance to match.

    Lilly of the Valley

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    • Fresh, delicate, pure Lily of the Valley - one of our favorite floral fragrances. Its soft, elevating scent is unmistakable.

      These candles are made with eco-friendly soy wax, creating a creamy white texture that is cruelty-free, vegan friendly and biodegradable.

      The self-trimming wick stance minimises or eliminates carbon deposit formation and greatly reduces afterglow.


      net weight: 165g.

      Diameter 70mm x Height 84mm 

      net weight 165g. 

      Please bear in mind that because our products are hand-poured in small batches each product is unique and may vary slightly in weight and/or appearance.